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At the pottery market (photo Alessandra)
At the pottery market (photo Alessandra)

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Class /
Sharnga Guest House Yoga Hall
06:45 AM

Asana and Pranayama in B.K.S.Iyengar Tradition

Every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 6.45 am to 8.00 am

at Sharnga Guest House Yoga Hall

(left gate, after parking follow the green path and yoga hall behind the swimming pool)

Iyengar Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga , it works wonders with your body, breath and mind through observation and awareness of yourself in stability, mobility and alignment.


Drop-in class

All are welcome!


Contribution is expected

For more information: or whats app +91-915-905-2743

Class /
ILC Hall
07:00 AM

These Hatha Yoga sessions harken back to the roots of the classical form of Yoga, intended for the unity of body and mind. Hatha Yoga is often seen as the yoga of balance and posture, but this specific style is aimed at bringing the body-mind into a focused, calm and composed state, further helping in meditation

Bijou began exploring Yoga in 2014, far away from civilization in the Amazon jungle. This calling led to deeper research into the ancient art, including certification in 2015 (300 hr. Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nasik). After initiations in Buddhist Meditation, Bijou found a way to incorporate Mindfulness and Yoga. His experience working with people recovering from trauma and substance abuse has enhanced his teaching, which focuses on the meditative and therapeutic aspects of Yoga.

Class /
Arka First Floor
08:15 AM

Partner flow: asana and stretching with a partner

Inversions: basic flying with partners.

Damien 90 47 72 27 40.

Class /
Joy Hall @ Joy Community Guesthouse
05:00 PM

Regular classes of Laughter Yoga with Nikhil on Saturday from 5 to 6:30 pm. 

Laughter Yoga is a set of joyful exercises to keep yourself healthy. Like any other exercise for example: gym, aerobics, running, etc. the aim of Laughter Yoga too is to keep your body fit and mind sound. The only exception is that it's a lot more FUN... :) ;) - About teacher/facilitator Nikhil Thapar: CLYT (Certified Laughing Yoga Teacher), trained by Dr Madan Kataria himself, founder of Laughing Yoga movement.

Class /
Vérité Hall
05:00 PM

Every Saturday

Listening, sensing, connecting, letting go and celebrating the present moment.

The session will include active meditation, inner awareness and free flow movement. Come with good spirit and comfortable clothes.

Yoffi has been teaching yoga and movement meditation for several years, and has experienced with various body work methods. She recently completed a 200-hour training at Gurdjieff Movement Centre, and likes to share the beautiful work of The Movements.

Class /
ILC hall
05:00 PM

Every Saturday (NO CLASS ON 2 FEB )

In this session the practitioner will be guided through a dynamic sequence of asanas, while using the major muscle groups to improve balance and coordination in every posture. The focus of this 1hr 15 minute session will be on centering the mind, the breath and drishti are aids in this practice. The session ends with a short visualisation practice.

Hailing from South India, and currently residing in Auroville, Aishwarya has trained in the traditional methods of teaching yoga, receiving certifications from 1000Yoga (Bangalore) and Yogadarshanam (Mysore). She has been teaching for 1 year. “My yoga practice has taught me that there lies a potential within each one of us waiting to be discovered. I am keen to contribute to our community the meaning of yoga practice, as taught to me by my esteemed teachers.

Class /
Sharnga Guest House Yoga Hall
05:00 PM

    Asana and Pranayama in B.K.S. Iyengar Tradition.

Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday   5.00 pm to 6.30 pm

at Sharnga Guest House Yoga Hall (left gate)

Iyengar Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga, a process of developing your body, vital organs, your mind and the quality of intelligence through mobility, strength, stability and alignment in asanas.


Drop- in class

All are welcome!

Contribution is expected.

For more information: or whats app: +91-915-905-2743


Class /
Taramangaling - 5 min after Botanical Garden
07:00 AM

For any class you want to participate, you have to register with me beforehand, by phone/ whatsapp 9489805493 or mail.

Ashtanga Yoga classes - Mysore style

Classes every day from Monday to Saturday. No class for full moon and new moon. 

Taramangaling- 5 min after Botanical Garden -
Location: At Taramangaling (How to get there. Explanation at the bottom of the page " YOGA" in our website
Taramangaling is located 2 min after Botanical Garden if you come from Auroville.

15 minutes from Pondy.

Private classes can be given on request. Contact: 91-9489805493 Or  by mail 

Ashtanga  Yoga

All students commence their instruction in the same manner in which on the first day of class they are taught Surya Namaskar A, followed by Padmasana and deep breathing, and a few minutes of rest to conclude their first day of practice. The next day after Surya Namaskar A has been performed, Surya Namaskar B is taught, and one then again concludes in the same method as the previous day, with Padmasana, deep breathing, and rest. After both of the Surya Namaskar have been learned correctly, each of the various asanas are added one by one. When one asana is correct, the next one is taught. Depending on the age and ability of the student, it can take anywhere upwards of 3 months to learn the primary series.

From Monday to Friday: the format of the practice always remains the same; one always begins practice on his own with Surya Namaskar, concludes with Padmasana and rest, and the various asanas gradually fill the space between these two poles It is through the daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga that we draw it into ourselves, understand it.
On Saturdays, group guided classes are taught, in which all the vinyasas are counted out loud and all students follow along together accordingly




Christine was born in France in 1967. After completing her studies as Nurse in 1988, she started working as a nurse and soon started

 travelling in India seeking “for the truth” through pilgrims around Rishikesh

A few years later with the financial support of sponsors she  crossed  The Himalays with horses from Kathmandu to Srinagar for 8 month, later on, she followed the Mekong river from his stream in Tibet ( Xining- Kham) though South east of Tibet, Yunnan, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodge.

In 1995 She created Orient explorers a tourism and travelling association and worked within until 2002. She came across Vipassana meditation  and decided to settle in Auroville in 2002,  an intentional spiritual community located in South India.

In 2004, after two years studying  Hatha Yoga and Yengar, she discovered  Ashtanga Yoga  and started to  study with Monica Marinoni until 2016 and  since 2007  under the guidance of Sri Sharath Jois  (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’grandson)  at the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. 
In 2010 she opened “ Yoga et Bien-etre”, where she was teaching for 4 years, running Hatha Yoga class evenings  and daily Mysore style program in the mornings. And the last year, she started to offer workshops on Yoga and meditation including Satsang about Yoga sutra, relaxation and pranayama.
For 13 years she studied the yoga through her own daily practise and teaching, the mind through regular and repetitive meditation retreats, she gave importance to the sadhana, she learned more about the body through her training and experience in Thai yoga massage and about the mind through her training and practise in NLP (sessions, workshop) .   

With deep gratitude and respect she shares the primary series teachings as she has been taught by Monica Marinoni and Sri Sharath Jois.

Class /
Joy Hall @ Joy Community Guesthouse
09:00 AM

Awareness Through the Body (ATB) with Stefania on Saturday at 9 to 10:30 am.

Based on the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Awareness Through the Body is a comprehensive curriculum of exercises that offer practical tools for personal growth, introspection and self knowledge, giving participants the opportunity to discover and explore more about themselves. For More info:


Class /
Bharat Nivas SAWCHU
10:00 AM
Class /
Bharat Nivas Progress hall
06:30 AM

Workshop /
Bharat Nivas Progress hall
04:00 PM
Class /
Bharat Nivas Progress hall
11:00 AM

  Every Saturday and Sunday 11 to 12

Class /
Pavilion of Tibetan Culture.International Zone.(Tibetan Pavilion)
07:00 AM

Ananda Kumar offers weekly Pranayama class on Saturday mornings from 7 am till 8.30 am.

We offer these classes mainly for Aurovilians. All are ininvited.

Class /
Pavilion of Tibetan Culture.International Zone.(Tibetan Pavilion)
05:30 AM

Ananda Kumar offers Heart Meditation every  Saturday from 5.30 till 6.45 pm.

from Saturday 19th till the 30th of March 2019. 

Class /
Bharat Nivas SAWCHU
07:00 AM

QI GONG PRACTICE every Monday, Thursday and                                                                               Saturday, 7 to 8 am.


Class /
Savitri Bhavan
05:00 PM

Russian Language

for beginners

every Saturday 5-6pm


Savitri Bhavan

For further details

please contact: Alena-Amrita

Everyone is welcome

Class /
Savitri Bhavan
04:00 PM

L’Agenda de Mère

listening to recordings with Gangalakshmi

Saturdays 4-5pm


Savitri Bhavan

Everyone is welcome

Class /
Savitri Bhavan
05:00 PM


A sharing for spiritual upliftment

led by Ashesh Joshi

Savitri Bhavan Amphitheatre

Saturdays 5.00 to 6.30 pm

Everyone is welcome

Exhibition /
Pitanga - Cultural Centre
08:00 AM

A Photographic Exhibition by Paulette
Saturday February 9th until Saturday February 23rd 2019

Open daily 8 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 6 pm. Closed on Sundays

where one sees nothing but the one, hears nothing but the one, knows nothing but the one -- there is the infinite.
-Chandogya Upanishad

Pitanga Cultural Centre, Samasti, Auroville, TN 605101, India. (0413) 2622403/2622994

Exhibition /
Gallery of the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, International Zone, Auroville
09:00 AM

The German pavilion group cordially invites to the

Exhibition of Birgitta Volz,

the “Baobab Project” – a “Research of the Invisible”

Birgitta shows magic bark prints from a 3000 year old majestic Baobab tree.

She was invited to print this tree in the bush of Namibia in May and June 2018.

Her pictures share some of her expedition adventures and are unfolding magic.

The exhibition will be open from Mon 11.2. to Sat 2.3.

from 9 - 12.30 am and 2 – 5 pm.

It is closed on Sundays.

If you would like the artist to guide a group through the show,

please get in touch with her:

Birgitta Volz: 9442300574.

Cinema /
Alliance Francaise de Pondicherry
09:00 AM

The Moving Waters Film Festival celebrates our rivers and oceans, and also hopes to generate critical awareness on their current states and conservation challenges.


MWFF is coming to Pondi, Feb 16-17, 2019 at Alliance Francaise de Pondicherry (see attachment).


Learn more at: 

Workshop /
ILC Hall
09:00 AM

The wisdom about the body's energy lines– SEN lines (Thai) or Nadis (Sanskrit) – is one of the most important and fundamental pillars in both Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. The meridians are energetic pathways, giving life to the body.When the energy doesn’t flow appropriately, discomfort and disease often appear.

In this workshop, you will learn the origins of this ancient knowledge and practical application through Yoga postures (Asanas), to enjoy a life with better energy flow. 


Andres began to receive teachings of yoga since youth. Vegetarian since age 14. After being blessed with the opportunity of studying yoga in several places including Krishnamacharr Yoga Shala, Auroville, Dharma Yoga Center and an Ashram in India, he finally found his inspiration in the teachings of  Sri Dharma Mittra.

He is also certified in Yoga Thai Massage by the Sunshine Massage School and Therapy Thai Massage School.

Meditation is part of his practice, and he has completed courses in Vipassana meditation, Pranic Consciousness, and Vision Quest of the Native Americans. 

Andres dedicates his life to live and transmit the teachings and Love for Yoga around South America, India and Europe.

Exhibition /
Savitri Bhavan
09:00 AM


Sri Aurobindo - A Life-Sketch in Photographs

in the upstairs corridor

Everyone is welcome

Exhibition /
Savitri Bhavan
09:00 AM


Meditations on Savitri

The entire series of 47s paintings created by the Mother with Huta

from 1961-67 is on display in the newly extended picture gallery

Everyday except Sunday from 9am to 12noon and 2-5pm


Savitri Bhavan 

Everyone is welcome

Workshop /
Vérité Hall
09:30 AM

The wisdom about the body s energy lines– SEN lines (Thai) or Nadis (Sanskrit) – is one of the most important and fundamental pillars in both Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. The meridians are energetic pathways, giving life to the body. When the energy doesn’t flow appropriately, discomfort and disease often appear.

 In this workshop, you will learn the origins of this ancient knowledge and practical application through Yoga postures (Asanas), to enjoy life with better energy flow. 

Andres began to receive teachings of yoga as a youth. Andres feels blessed with the opportunity to study yoga in several places (including Krishnamacharr Yoga Shala, Auroville, Dharma Yoga Center and ashrams in India), and now lives in Auroville, teaching yoga classes, offering daily therapies and workshops. 

Parallel to his studies on Yoga, Andres has a career in Ecology and is part of an environmental project in India. Meditation is intrinsic to his practice, and he has completed courses in Vipassana meditation, Pranic Consciousness, and Vision Quest (Native American Lineage), among others. Andres is also certified in Yoga Thai Massage by the Sunshine Massage School and Therapy Thai Massage School. 

Andres now dedicates his life to live and transmit the teachings and love for yoga, Eastern knowledge & ecology around the planet.


Exhibition /
Bharat Nivas kalaKendra
10:00 AM

Moving images from the archives project from old televisions in an immersive dark room. The recorded memories become meditative taking us beyond the action apparent on screen, deeper into the recesses of consciousness with which the actions were committed. It is an attempt to remember those times, the momentum and the labour of love that went into making Auroville what it is today. A projection of Auroville's continuous journey, towards becoming.


Richa Hushing and Rrivu Laha are documentary filmmakers, newcomers in Auroville. They were instantly drawn to the wealth of recorded memories from the formative years; and took upon themselves the task of drawing out the stunning visuals records for all to see and experience Auroville as it was, in the making.


Special Thanks to the installation team: Dhriti, Mridul, Bharat, Leo, Allen, Emmanuel, Krishna, Raj, Isabelle, Alok, Tapas and Michael.


To connect, contribute, support and/or host write to


Exhibition /
Bharat Nivas kalaKendra Art Gallery
10:10 AM

                                                        Bharat Nivas invites all

To mark the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Auroville 

A painting Exhibition offered by Ex-Students of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

3rd February to 3rd March 2019

Venue: Kalakendra Art Gallery Bharat Nivas-Auroville

Opening Timings: 9 am to 5 pm Exceptionally open on all Sundays in the month of February

To bridge the early history of Auroville's Foundation Days related to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, few events will be organised at Bharatnivas around the above Art Exhibition, inviting personalities who took part in the first month of February 1968, laying down the first stones for Aurovilians. It would be an occasion to pay a tribute to early Ashram participants and express Auroville Community's gratitude. As and when, these events will be announced in the newsandnotes.

For more information:


Seminar /
Mohanam Village Heritage centre (site imagination)
04:00 PM

Abhayadan: Gift of Fearlessness



Dr.Sehdev kumar

Progessor Emeritus, Canada

Internatinally renowned Author, Poet, Healer, Mediator

Fear has an apocalyptic power; like a mighty river that is frozen in winter, fear can sap all energy, and make everything inert and lifeless. In each one of us, in the very ground of our being, seeds of fear lie imbedded in million different ways.

How can one live with full intensity and with all ebbs and tides without knowing what fears freeze the mighty river of one's life?

This Hands-on, Introductory Workshop on 


is based on psychological insights from Buddhism, Integral Yoga and Psychotherapy.

Please register in advance, Donation expected


Mohanam Village Heritage Centre, Auroville (Opposite Imagination)

Time: 04:00 pm to 06:30 pm

Date: 16th Feb'19 Saturday

Register at :

Meeting /
Unity Pavilion
05:00 PM
Dear community members,
In collaboration with the Auroville Council and Working Committee, the Residents’ Assembly Service and the Study Group would like to invite you for a General Meeting on the upcoming Selection
Process, which is meant to replace outgoing members for 4 major working groups (Auroville Council, FAMC, L’avenir d’Auroville, Working Committee). The Residents’ Assembly Service has received a petition signed by 87 residents, asking for a re-opening of the nomination period (given the current level of participation). We believe best is now to address this collectively.
This General Meeting will be the occasion for us to share the challenges we have met lately regarding this upcoming Selection Process, while providing space for the community and its working groups to share their concerns and voice their thoughts. We are then willing to collectively envisage our possible ways forward.
The General Meeting will happen on Saturday the 16th of February, 5 pm - 7 pm, in Unity Pavilion.
Complementary to this General Meeting, we are also circulating a survey – please take some time to fill it out! It is accessible at the following link:
With love and care,
Your Residents’ Assembly Service and Study Group
Cinema /
Cinema Paradiso - Town Hall
05:00 PM

Le Pavillon de France présente :

« L’Homme après l’Homme »


Film documentaire

réalisé par David Montemurri


Samedi 16 Février 2019 à 17h

Town Hall – Cinema Paradiso

en français sous titré anglais, durée: 72min


« On n’est pas dans une crise morale, on n’est pas dans une crise politique, financière, religieuse, on est dans une crise évolutive. On est en train de mourir à l’humanité pour naître à autre chose… »

C’est ainsi que Satprem répond à David Montemurri qui lui pose, au cours de cette interview, un certain nombre de questions concernant la crise de civilisation que nous traversons actuellement et l’avenir du monde moderne. Si ce film, tourné il y a trente deux ans, se réfère à des événements politiques et sociaux qui sont de ce fait un peu dépassés, les réponses de Satprem, elles, demeurent d’une actualité brûlante :

Après cet homme douloureux et insensé que nous sommes et qui semble courir à sa perte, y aura-t-il autre chose, ou bien faut-il nous résigner à la catastrophe et à la disparition de l’espèce humaine ?

C’est la Question que pose ce documentaire accessible à tous les publics : que sera l’Homme après l’homme ?

Meeting /
Unity Pavilion
05:00 PM

Dear Community Members,

This is to remind you that in follow up to the survey we sent out regarding the upcoming Selection Process and sensing the pulse of the community, we are organizing a General Meeting



5 pm - 7 pm

Unity Pavilion

We would like to offer a space for community dialogue, and to hear your thoughts, concerns, hopes and intentions related to the Selection Process. Given the complex nature of this topic, we would like to experiment with a different meeting format that will hopefully allow for more connection, togetherness and hearing each other.

Would you like to join us, share your views and participate in this community discussion? We hope you'll attend!



~ With Love,

Your Residents' Assembly Service,
in collaboration with the Auroville Council and the Study Group

Cultural program /
07:30 PM
Hibiscus Art village project and Well Studio Cafe presents 
“Shine on”
Unleash your inner sparkle
7:30 Special dinner 
8:30 Vėę & Friends 
Warm deep voice accompanied by acoustic instruments 
9:00 Nadaprem on bansuri, Rashmi Bhatt on tabla 
Hindustani classical and fusion music 
10:00 Dj Anup Mech 
Funky groovy set
AV, NC, Volunteers donations based entry
Guests entry fee



Dance /
Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas
08:00 PM

Due to perfomers' health reasons, our show VAST has been postponed to 15th, 16th & 17th of Feb at 8 PM at SRI AUROBINDO auditorium, Auroville at 8 Pm.

A vast Unknown is round us and within; all things are wrapped in the dynamic One: 
A subtle link of union joins all life. Thus all creation is a single chain: We are not left alone in a closed scheme.” Savitri
 , Sri Aurobindo


After the great success of their preview ,avant première, in Kolkota, for Journey of Auroville festival, SURYA PERFORMANCE LAB  ,Philippe Pelen , Thierry Moucazambo, Gopal Dalami and Barbara Paschinger ,under Auroville art service, in partnership with Svaram and SAIIER , are happy to invite you for their new creation VAST . 

Feedbacks from Kolkota

:-"It was one of the most breathtaking experience I ever had. The performers were simply outstanding. What they felt and the emotion they communicated to the audience was priceless". Devina Basu  31.01.19

"Extraordinary beauty. Inner, outer, total integration of both. The music powerful is perfect". Rozen & Kamuya

"The entire program is creative and innovative one. Heartfelt thanks to the entire team". Unus Molla

   VAST is a contemporary dance theater show: It is organic, hypnotic, poetic and universal. VAST evokes the journey of a young man from Nepal who was forced into exile in a big Indian city. Beyond oppression and confinement, he tries to find in his body a path to his Himalaya and Vastness.


Philippe Pelen, Thierry Moucazambo, Gopal Dalami, Barbara Paschinger